Moderator's Office

The Moderator of the Curia is the Vicar General and he exercises general vicarious executive authority throughout the Diocese, with the specific task of co-ordinating administrative affairs and of taking care that the other members of the curia properly fulfil their duties. He oversees the work of the diocesan curia, working closely with the Trustees, the Episcopal Vicars and Judicial Vicar, to ensure the harmonious and effective achievement of its goals, in line with the mission given to it by the Bishop. He reports directly to the Bishop and acts according to his mind and authority.

The Moderator works with the Episcopal Vicars to ensure the co-ordination of diocesan activities. Specifically, he:

• meets regularly with the Bishop and the Episcopal and Judicial Vicars, both individually and as a group.
• works with the Diocesan Œconomus to ensure that the financial situation of the curia and its component parts is within the parameters set by the Diocesan Finance Sub-Committee and the Trustees.
• works with the Secretary to the Trustees on all aspects of the preparation and co-ordination of Trustee meetings, ensuring that decisions are carried out and Minutes distributed.
• Preside at general meetings of the diocesan curia.